Navigator FAQ

More than 125 innovation and entrepreneurship resources exist across campus

From funding and mentoring to education and intellectual property, the Navigator centralizes access to the resources that help UT innovators and entrepreneurs succeed. Use the Navigator to discover the resources that are right for you.

To contact the Navigator, see below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Navigator? The Navigator is a web-based wayfinding tool that connects UT stakeholders to the most appropriate innovation and entrepreneurship resources across campus.
Are all the resources listed on the Navigator internal UT resources or are there any external resources listed? Currently, all resources are internal UT resources. In the future, it is anticipated that external resources will be added.
Does the Navigator contain all innovation and entrepreneurship resources at UT? Although we have attempted to curate all appropriate resources, the Navigator is not exhaustive. If you cannot find an existing resource that you believe should be added to the Navigator, please contact us by email.
Why is the Navigator an important resource for UT entrepreneurs and innovators? While having over 100 innovation and entrepreneurship resources across the UT campus creates limitless opportunities, it can also be a challenge for UT innovators and entrepreneurs to know about all of the resources and which resources are right for them and their needs. The Navigator helps UT stakeholders connect to the most appropriate innovation and entrepreneurship resources.
Who can use the Navigator? The Navigator can be used by anyone. The intended audiences are UT students, faculty, and staff.
What determines the order that resources are displayed in the Navigator? Results that match user-selected filters are initially sorted alphabetically by resource title. If keyword search is utilized, algorithms return results based on relevance. More specifically, the keyword search draws on indexed, tokenized, and stemmed text from resource profiles, sorting resource results in order of decreasing relevance in response to the search.
What is the process for connecting with resources on the Navigator? The website, email, and/or phone number are provided for each resource listed on the Navigator so users can find more information or connect directly with the provider of resources they are interested in.
Will the Navigator connect me to a group or office, or will connect with a specific individual? The Navigator provides the best contact information for specific resources. Sometimes this is a shared general email, sometimes it's a specific person. If you have trouble connecting with a specific resource, please contact us by email .


If you have any questions about a specific resource listed in the Navigator please reach out to the contact listed for that resource.

If you have any general questions about the Navigator, including listing or editing resources, or sharing the Navigator with your stakeholders, please email us.